Giving Tuesday: A Strategic Approach for Nonprofits

Giving Tuesday with money

Giving Tuesday: A Strategic Approach for Nonprofits

Giving Tuesday: A Strategic Approach for Nonprofits 2870 1617 Deryle Daniels

I don’t believe in Giving Tuesday.

Don’t stop reading! There’s a reason behind that statement.

Giving Tuesday could be a game-changer in other economic systems. However, in a nation where allure often outshines logic, small nonprofits face the daunting task of competing with larger corporate-sized organizations. Year after year, nonprofits across the United States find themselves spinning their wheels, searching for ways to optimize their time and efforts, particularly during the 24-48 hours surrounding Giving Tuesday. Make sure that isn’t your organization this year.

While I don’t believe Giving Tuesday is a magic wand, it’s important to clarify that my skepticism doesn’t mean you shouldn’t engage in the excitement surrounding this day. Instead, I encourage a different approach. During this time of year, I advise the nonprofits to set clear goals, some flexible and some hard. Set a flexible goal of how much money they’d like to receive and a hard goal of how many monthly donors they are looking to gain.

Giving Tuesday spelled out in blocks

When we’re talking about first time supporters, do not focus on asking for large amounts but instead ask them for sustainable gifts. Wall Street Juniors, a Durham-based nonprofit doing amazing work, makes asks and presents donors with options on giving frequency. Their donors can make a one-time gift, or giving monthly, quarterly, or annually. Providing options is key for a fundraising in general, and more specifically on Giving Tuesday.

The key to a successful Giving Tuesday lies not only in funds raised but also in the impact of donors. This impact can be multiplied when you effectively communicate the benefits of consistent giving. Good luck maximizing the impact your donors will have the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Need help building a story-centric fundraising strategy? Reach out to me and let’s build a fundraising game plan that can be sustained for years to come.